It sucks to feel overwhelmed when you're home.

Do you just see STUFF everywhere you look?

It's exhausting to live with a lot of clutter. It's hard to make decisions, it's hard to find things.

I can help.

Has some of the joy leaked out of your life?

Is it filled with activities and obligations you look forward to about as much as a trip to Jiffy Lube? 

I can help.

I want you to love your home so much you start writing it love letters.


Are you ignoring your clutter, hoping it will magically disappear?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff it’s easy to just give up. Decision fatigue is a thing!

So is confusion over what to donate, sell or recycle. (Wait, does sending stuff to the landfill make you a bad person?) It’s no wonder you put off thinking about it.

And if your partner and kids are expecting you to manage the bulk of the household crap? Forget about it.

That dream of a tidy home with eclectic furnishings and a fun casual vibe? Where you’re always prepared for the neighbors to drop in? Yeah, maybe next year.

Or maybe right now.


Imagine living in a clutter-free home.

It’s possible! I swear. And I’d love to help.

I'm mostly working remotely right now. Feel free to ask about in-home work and we'll see if it's currently possible. I’ve found meeting virtually can be every bit as effective as having me in your house.

Together we’ll create a plan of attack, fashion a realistic schedule, and set up some easy wins. I provide accountability and guidance. You celebrate turning your nightmare into your dream home.

Getting rid of things you’ve owned for years is hard! Double that for things you’ve inherited from the dearly departed. I’m here to talk you through the rough spots and figure out why some things just refuse to leave.

I’ve also got some sneaky techniques for getting the other members of your household to do their share.

Can working remotely really get the job done?

Here's the thing: Only you can decide what stays and what goes. I can't make those choices for you, but I can talk you through any sticky decisions.

I'll help devise strategies that will work for you, based on the amount of time you've got to devote to the project and how much accountability you need.

We'll meet regularly to check in on your progress, establish new goals and talk through obstacles.

I'm a text or an email away if you run into difficulty, and I have TONS of resources to help you figure out what to do with your discards.


Want to dip your toe in?

Maybe you want to give this whole decluttering thing a try without the commitment. I've got you.

Click here to see some of my do-it-mostly-yourself low cost options.