It sucks to hate your home.

Does your home feel a little like the local Goodwill?

Full of things that still have some use in them, but that don't really thrill you? Stuff that feels unloved and a little past its prime?

I can help.

Has some of the joy leaked out of your life?

Is it filled with activities and obligations you look forward to about as much as a trip to Jiffy Lube? 

I can help.

I want you to love your home so much you start writing it love letters.


I've helped a lot of people declutter.

Maybe you just have too much stuff. It doesn't make you hyperventilate, but there's a little internal voice that's constantly telling you to get it together and fix the problem, already.


But sometimes it's more complicated.

For others of us (me included), having too much stuff is a sign that we've got a death-grip on old habits and ideas that no longer serve us.

Get rid of those, and it's suddenly easy to list all your old junk on Craigslist. You'll also find yourself saying no to a lot of other crap that's gumming up your life.

If you could use a little life alignment along with decluttering help, click below to see what we can do together.


Want to dip your toe in?

Maybe you want to give this whole decluttering thing a try without the commitment. I've got you.

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