Dreaming of a simpler life?

It can be yours. You just need some motivation. If you're trying to reduce the amount of clutter in your house, rethink your priorities, or wrestle back some free time, I've got lots of suggestions.

Let me give you a tiny task each week. Every Sunday morning I'll send you a text with a small (15-20 minute) project. Follow these prompts and your house, calendar and brain will become less cluttered, more spacious.

Peace of mind can be yours!


Here are some examples:


  • Technology! Find any piece of electronic gadgetry you are never going to use again. Phone, cord, earphones, speakers, whatever. Ditch them!
  • Expectations. Can you think of three things you "should" do but don't want to? Just say no! You're perfect just the way you are.
  • Paper - pads, notebooks, index cards. Collect it all and decide how much of it you really need.
  • Abandoned projects. Is there something you started that you'll never honestly finish? Get it out of the house! It's not serving you.
  • Delete 25 old emails. If that took less than five minutes maybe delete 100...


Here's what people are saying:

"Julia’s clear and simple guidance each week has inspired me to approach decluttering in a manageable way. It has taught me how small actions done with consistency over time can change my relationship with my stuff, and my home."       

- Sujata W.

"I love getting the Sunday Text from Unburdened Life! I’ve been following it every Sunday for a while now and without even realizing it or making it a long-term goal, I became organized; my clutter is nearly gone, I’m no longer stretched so thin and I’m finally at peace. The “assignments” are just the right amount of work—not too much, not too little.  It’s so easy, but it’s been life-changing. Try it and see—your Sundays and the rest of the week will become so much more enjoyable."         

- Valerie F.

"I have lived in my home for 20 years and it has a lot of storage. I have had to be very intentional with editing.  My Sunday texts from ClutterAlert have been so helpful with this process. Julia provides purging prompts that can be done through the following week. Julia makes the process less overwhelming and more routine!"

-Cheryl R.

Gimme those texts!


This is for a lifetime subscription. Imagine how light and airy your life will be...