Are you feeling overwhelmed?

It's exhausting to live with piles of stuff everywhere. It's hard to make decisions. You probably don't even feel like setting aside time to manage it. That's where I come in.

Let's tackle that clutter together!

We'll work side by side to sort through it all and decide what stays and what goes. I'm your guide, you're in charge.

I will never judge your housekeeping, organization or the amount of stuff you own.

First of all, I'm no Martha Stewart myself! My own house is rarely in a state of pristine order. I'm here to help you make your home into the place you want to spend your time. Full stop.

I will never ask you to discard things you want to keep.

I mean, that would be a pretty rotten thing to do, wouldn't it? Honestly, it makes no difference to me what you keep and what you get rid of. It's up to you.

I want you to love your home so much you start writing it love letters!


If you're ignoring your clutter, hoping it will magically disappear, it might be time for a new strategy.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff it’s easy to just give up. Decision fatigue is a thing!

So is confusion over what to donate, sell or recycle. (Wait, does sending stuff to the landfill make you a bad person?) It’s no wonder you put off thinking about it.

And if your partner and kids are expecting you to manage the bulk of the household crap? Forget about it.

That dream of a tidy home with eclectic furnishings and a fun casual vibe? Where you’re always prepared for the neighbors to drop in? Yeah, maybe next year.

Or maybe right now.

Prices start at $225.


Imagine feeling calm and relaxed as you look around at your beautiful home.

It’s possible! I swear. And I’d love to help.

The first step is setting aside the time and creating accountability (that's me).

Getting rid of things you’ve owned for years is hard! Double that for things you’ve inherited from the dearly departed. I’m here to talk you through the rough spots and figure out why some things just refuse to leave.

I’ve also got some sneaky techniques for getting the other members of your household to do their share.

Let's chat!