Feeling overwhelmed?

I get it. A house filled with extraneous things and no apparent organization was once my biggest challenge to happiness and a peaceful life.

I completely solved my clutter problem by getting rid of five things a day. Some days I got rid of a few more, but overall it was a slow and steady process.

Want the same low-stress results? I've got you. I'll send you an email every day for 20 days. Each one will have specific instructions, telling you just where to find five things to discard.

It will be QUICK and it will be EASY. 

And after 20 days? You'll have rid your home of (at least) 100 things you weren't using anyway!

But more importantly, you'll have started a simple habit that can transform both your home and your life. 

Is it really that simple?

It is! I've found that getting rid of a few things a day, every day, is the easiest way to make a real dent in your clutter.

Tackling this project can feel like more than you want to take on. But you'll avoid that feeling of overwhelm because we'll be starting with the low-hanging fruit. The easy stuff.

Over time you'll build your decision-making muscle. You'll adopt the decluttering habit and soon it will be second nature. 

I am all about making things easy.

Progress shouldn't mean struggle. I want this process to be joyful, fun and satisfying. An ongoing project that makes you happy, not stressed.

Start with this 20-day course and then continue on your own. Prepare to be amazed at the changes you see with a minimum of effort. No kidding!


Ready for less?

Cross my heart, this will be not only easy but fun! There's nothing like the feeling of discarding things that are just cluttering up the house.

You'll feel lighter and less stressed as you create more space for the things you really love.

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