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Let's get rid of the digital clutter!

In this free challenge we'll tackle some of that invisible clutter. Just because you don't see it on the daily doesn't mean it isn't getting in your way. 

Your devices will be happier and so will the planet if you delete all the stuff you'll never look at again.

July 11-15 

Price: Free

Let's tackle those photos.

Work parties are a regular part of my membership. We get together on Zoom for an hour and work through a specific area of clutter.

It's so much easier to get at the tasks you've been putting off when you've got time set aside, the company of other people doing the same thing, and ME answering questions and providing encouragement.

You'll bring your box of photos and we'll all get to work sorting, organizing and CURATING our collections.

I've decided to open these work parties up to everyone! Get a taste of the membership and get some serious decluttering done.

July 10, 11-12 PDT via Zoom.

Price: $27

Get Your Digital Ducks in a Row

Do you have random files on your desktop, in your documents folder, mixed with downloads? Is your computer the digital equivalent of a frat house on a Sunday morning?

Join me and two of my smart and tech-savvy friends for this FREE workshop. You'll learn the principles of file architecture as well as mind-blowing tricks to keep your Mac ship-shape.

June 21, 11:00-12:30 PDT via Zoom. Price: Free

The event will be recorded and the replay will be sent to all registrants.

Get Your Household on Board

Decluttering is hard already. If you're facing resistance from your spouse, your kids or your roommates, it can feel like an uphill battle. While you can't change other people, there are things you can do to improve communication and create compromise.

I've also got some great strategies for getting the kids to do their part!

May 17, 11:30-12:15 PDT via Zoom. Price: Free

The event will be recorded and the replay will be sent to all registrants.

Photo management

I know you have at least one box of photos hiding out on a shelf somewhere. You've been meaning to get them sorted, but that's fallen right off the to do list.

In this 45 minute workshop I'll give you all the information and strategy you need to finally get this accomplished.

Then you can brag to your sister, your friends and anyone else who will listen. And even some who won't!

April 6, 11:30-12 PDT via Zoom. Price: Free

Event will be recorded and the replay be distributed to all registrants.

Let's be pen pals!

I'll send you weekly advice, you can send me whatever you want.

[email protected]