First, the free stuff.

What's your Clutter Archetype?

We all have our own reasons for acquiring and holding on to stuff. Understanding those tendencies can help you make clear-eyed decisions about what deserves to take up space in your life.

Take the quiz to learn more about your own clutter inclinations!


100 Things to Throw Away TODAY

Okay, I don't expect you to do it all in one day. But you could tackle any one of these things today! This is my most comprehensive guide to things you may have too many of. See how many you can cross off the list.


Portland Resource Guide

Half the difficulty in decluttering is figuring out what to do with all the stuff!

For those of you who live in the Portland, OR area, I've put together a comprehensive list of where you can donate, recycle, or sell your stuff, along with a few service providers. 


And here's some low-cost stuff.

Baby Steps!

When I finally solved my clutter problem, I did it by getting rid of (at least) five things per day.  

In this mini-course I'll walk you though that very process for 20 days. Consider it a jumpstart.

I'll send you daily emails with specific instructions. And lots of encouragement! Maybe even a few jokes...


Sunday Texts

Slow and steady is my mantra - but it helps to have someone give you a little poke.

Would you like a weekly nudge? I love sending you these encouraging text tasks. You'll love getting them.


Banish Paper Clutter Forever

Paper is the one type of clutter we all have in common. And despite living in a digital world it is ubiquitous. 

In this course I'll teach you my super easy system for keeping it all wrangled.