What does decluttering help really mean?

My kids are Zoomers, or Gen Z, or whatever you want to call them. Actually, I’m surprised this generation hasn’t come up with a super clever name for itself, because they are an exceptionally sharp-witted group with a real facility for making language do their bidding.
Anyway, it’s always shocking to me to realize that my children don’t know how to write a check and have to be reminded where the return address goes on an envelope. I'm honestly surprised they ever learned to read a clock face.
You forget that the things you do on the daily are shrouded in mystery for other humans.
And thus it’s come to my attention that many people have no earthly idea of what I do. I mean, helping people declutter? What’s that all about? So I thought I’d tell you. Because I’m helpful like that.
If I come to your house, which I’m doing more of these days, here’s what happens:
First, we choose an area to work on. I like to start with a place that’s giving you a lot of angst. Could be an overflowing closet, or your craft room, or the basement. I want you to feel BETTER when we’re done.
I come bearing big blue IKEA bags, along with trash and recycling bags. And we just dive in! We put all the stuff you never want to see again in those big blue bags, and I load them into my car.
One thing I’m very strict about: I don’t leave a mess.
I think this is where decluttering can turn into a nightmare. If you pull EVERYTHING out of a closet and then don’t have the time or the patience to sort through it all, you end up feeling even worse as you look around and see nothing but unruly piles. So I always leave time to get your space tidied up.
I like to work in three hour stretches (though that's negotiable). It’s enough time to really get something done, but not so much time that you’re staring daggers at me and wishing I'd leave you alone, alredy.
How much can we get done in three hours?
It depends.
If you know that half of what’s in the basement is stuff you never want to see again, it can move pretty quickly. My Prius wagon will be FULL by the time we’re done. If we’re working through emotionally complicated stuff, or doing some reorganization at the same time, our progress will be slower.
To be clear – I do not call myself an organizer. That’s an aspect of what I do, of course, but it’s not my main goal. I believe that once you’ve pared down to a manageable number of possessions it's a lot easier to figure out where to put them.
You can’t organize your way out of clutter.
I also work remotely! Which, I admit, seems counterintuitive. But it can really work. I’ve discovered that the people who do really well with remote coaching share these characteristics:

1.     You are MOTIVATED. I.e., you really want the stuff out now, even if you’re not great at getting it done on your own.

2.    You find it pretty easy to make decisions about what stays and what goes. Of course this isn’t true in every situation, but you can be a tiny bit ruthless.

3.    You respond really well to external expectations. In other words, you DO NOT want to tell me you didn’t do what you said you’d do. (Not that I’d ever fault you for that.)

In remote coaching, we meet once, twice, or even three times a week. I help you come up with a plan of attack and talk you through any challenges. At each session you decide what you’re going to accomplish by our next meeting. You can text me pictures, and I’ll send you random TikTok videos!
I mean, if you want them.
Want more details? Set up a complimentary call and we’ll talk about what you’re looking for and what I can offer.
And I’ve got something new coming up - in just weeks I’ll be launching my membership site!
This is going to combine all the things that make for success: guidance, coaching, strategy, and ME! There is no one size fits all when it comes to…well, anything. So I’m designing this site to allow you to create your own pathway to victory.
Content, coaching and community, all in one place at a reasonable price. If this sounds interesting, click here and I’ll put you on the interest list. No pressure, just information. FYI, founding members get a great deal and a chance to influence content.