white door opening into blurred cream colored interior

Time to open the doors again

So spring is happening, begrudgingly.
I’ve got daffodils opening, but they’re being bullied by some pretty muscular weeds. And apparently the masks are coming off, which makes me realize how much I enjoy hiding behind mine.
Winter is a time of hiding, if not full-out hibernating. Here in the no man’s land (no person’s land?) of an ever-changing but not-really-ending pandemic, it’s easy to believe that you’re never going to throw another dinner party again. And yet!
If the media is to be believed at all, and I get it if you’re not that trusting, one of these days we’ll be breezing in and out of one another’s homes just like in the days of yore.
If, like me, you didn’t use all that pandemic downtime (the mothers are laughing maniacally at this) to repaint, refurbish, and gloriously update your living quarters, you might be feeling a tad trepidatious.
(Side note – I didn’t believe this was an actual word until I heard John Green use it in his fabulous book of essays, The Anthropocene Reviewed. It is, and if it’s good enough for John Green it’s obviously good enough for me.)
But back to your cozy home. Let’s be honest, it could use a little streamlining.
No shade; we’re all, as we’re so often reminded, in this together! But whether you’re an extrovert itching to put this whole chapter behind you or an introvert reluctantly accepting the new new normal, it’s probably time to get it together and tidy up a little.
And I’m here to help!
We’re all good at something, and while I wish I could run really fast or speak multiple languages, it turns out that I excel at decluttering. What are you going to do? The gods will amuse themselves by giving us these little gifts and watching us try to make something of them.
You may not think it’s the height of entertainment to sort through a bulging coat closet, but I find it dopamine-inducing.
So let me help you clear out the stuff that’s weighing you down. Or keeping you from taking that next step, be it an international adventure, moving into a skoolie, or getting that master’s degree in tide pool biodiversity.
Life is better when it’s not cluttered.
If you’re ready to take the leap into greater simplicity, let’s talk. I can help.

Also: Here's a look at some incredible Oregon tide pools. There's only about 10 seconds of narration, as it should be. There's no clutter in nature! That's a human thing.