A woman's hands holding a golden crown

Quit shoulding yourself

If I allowed myself to indulge in the word “should”, here’s how a morning chat with me might sound:
“Well, I should get going on my newsletter, then I should try to get some exercise, then I promised my kid I’d take her to IKEA so I should probably do that today too…”
At which point you’ve probably stopped listening and are instead writing your grocery list or planning your Thanksgiving seating plan while murmuring “mm-hmm” and wondering how soon you can hang up.
I don’t blame you. Listening to another person’s reluctant to do list is about as fascinating as watching mold grow on the bread you keep forgetting to compost.

I'd like to invite you to try something: See if you can eradicate the word "should" from your vocabulary for one week. Just seven short days! (Super short in the middle of winter...)

Language makes a difference! If we could start saying "I'm going to" instead of "I have to", might we feel a tiny bit less put upon?

Taking the reins of your life can start with taking control of the words you use to describe it. See if you can talk like the boss instead of some cringing underling with no appreciable power.

You are the author of your story! The sovereign of your castle! The ruler of your time and attention! Use the language that shows you're the leader. I will. I want. I am!