Calm grass and pants in the shade and sun

Productivity be damned!

Is it possible to spend one’s entire summer on a single project that never reaches completion? Why yes, thanks for asking.
I have, as previously mentioned in this blog, an enormous back yard. It’s got a LOT of grass in it, despite my valiant efforts to replace it with more interesting things. This lawn is in sorry shape.
It started when I rented part of my house to a daycare – those tiny feet beat the earth into a compacted shell and more or less ruined any chance of a lush healthy lawn.
The kids were super cute, which was an excellent trade-off.
Then I broke my ankle, and then my mother died, and altogether a bunch of stuff happened that took my attention away from the yard for a couple of years. The weeds took over, as did the moss, and by the end of last summer my yard looked like the Bad News Bears' outfield.
This spring I launched the Lawn Resuscitation Project. Weeding, aeration, reseeding, amending – I was going to do it all and the result would be a gorgeous green space.
(At least until July; I refuse to water during a drought.)
I did all of those things, but.
It turns out that lawn aeration is hell on a new hip, so I farmed that out to volunteers. Who were not quite as enthusiastic about the project as I was.
And although I dug weeds like a human steam shovel they refused to be entirely subjugated. And all the weeding and de-mossing left big bare patches. And then most of the summer was a fiery furnace so reseeding didn’t go all that well.
So let's just say that my project is not where I’d hoped it would be.
But is life merely a series of tasks on a to do list, or is it a magical gift that should be enjoyed and treasured? I’m opting for the latter.
I don’t have to tell you that our society is outcome obsessed. I am determined to buck that trend.
Mostly I’ve decided that I’m here on planet earth to enjoy myself and move the needle on human kindness and happiness a tiny bit. And to eat as much sushi as humanly possible.
If I create an enviable yard along the way, I’ll send you an invitation to my celebratory barbecue. If no such invitation arrives you can assume that I'm still inching along in lawn improvement but have found other (likely less productive) things to occupy my time and energy.