Woman on a cozy cluttered couch with a coffee cup in her hands

Loitering in my cluttered living room

I’m sitting in my living room right now.
(Full disclosure, I have a whole home office and I only use it when I’m on Zoom or making videos. Otherwise, I sit on the couch. Which is probably wreaking havoc on my posture and joints, but it’s where I like to work. My future self might be a little mad at me.)
But I digress.
Looking around, I see at least a dozen items loitering like teenagers at Plaid Pantry. They DO NOT belong in here and I promise I'm not being discriminatory. It’s enough to make the room feel cluttered and frankly it’s making me a little itchy.
Here’s my dilemma: I’m not super neat, and I’m really not about that housework life, but I like my environment orderly. Also! I have an eclectic decorating style which is far from minimalist.
There’s not a lot of wiggle room; it can go from captivatingly comfortable to cluttered pretty quickly. My knee-jerk reaction is that I should have LESS STUFF in here.
I think about minimalism a lot, because in my line of work you can’t swing a cat without hitting a minimalist. But I don’t think most people really want to be that austere. I think the majority of us want to live in a comfortable space that’s not overwhelming.
And that’s where decluttering comes in.
But here’s the secret: it doesn’t have to be scary, and it doesn’t have to be hard. No one is asking you to pare down to a capsule wardrobe or survive with only two plates.
You’re just going to get rid of the EXTRA.
If you have seven bathmats for your single shower, maybe four are extra. If you own twelve pairs of running shoes, maybe eight are extra. Or four or six; the number doesn’t matter.
It’s totally up to you how many of anything you want to own. Not too many, not too few. Figure out what feels just right.
Basically, you need to Goldilocks your entire house.
So before you go getting all stressed out and coming up with seventeen reasons why* you can’t possibly sort through your stuff right now, think about slowly and deliberately getting rid of only the extras.
And if you need help with that? Well, obviously I’m here to give it. And please consider joining my membership when it launches in May!
Because it’s going to be an incredible tool to help you move methodically through your world, discarding stuff that isn’t serving you. In the company of other super fantastic souls. No jerks allowed.
You can join the interest list right here.

*17 Reasons Why was a band in the '90's. My roommate was the lead singer and she wrote a song about ME that I was super excited to link to. But alas, it does not seem to exist on the internet. Making it one of about ten things ever written or recorded that are not available at the click of a button!

You can listen to this other song by them. It's not about me but it's still pretty good.