Holiday shopping; no-clutter gifts.

Okay! Here it is: the time of year for unbridled shopping. You may have a long list, including co-workers, teachers, friends, relatives and neighbors. Before you load all these fine people up with a lot of extra stuff, think for a moment about whether you are gifting them things they will cherish, or merely contributing to their own potential clutter problems.

Here is my list of 50 (count them, FIFTY!) things you can give that will not take up space and cause clutter-related trauma to the recipients.

  1. Movie tickets

  2. Bottle of whiskey

  3. Cooking lessons

  4. Gift certificate to a hot new restaurant

  5. Plane tickets

  6. Streaming music gift card

  7. Cookies

  8. Bath salts

  9. A wine tasting excursion

  10. Trip to the museum

  11. Zoo membership

  12. Art classes

  13. Housecleaning for a week/month/year

  14. Gym membership

  15. Concert tickets

  16. Meditation app subscription

  17. Fruit of the month club

  18. Massage vouchers

  19. Trip to a natural hot springs

  20. Pet sitting

  21. Gift certificate at the frame shop

  22. Lawn service for next summer

  23. A session with a stylist

  24. Paid dinners from Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Home Chef, etc.

  25. A stunning flower arrangement

  26. Tickets to a lecture series

  27. Top shelf olive oil

  28. A day at the Japanese Gardens, Chinese Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Arboretum, etc.

  29. Coffee shop gift card

  30. Lunch with you at their favorite place

  31. Tickets to a play

  32. Car wash coupons

  33. Paid CSA membership

  34. A night at a remote B&B

  35. Historical tour of your city (or any other)

  36. Audible membership

  37. Yoga classes

  38. Donation to a charity they love

  39. High end chocolate

  40. Netflix for a year

  41. Trip to the beach

  42. Ski lift tickets

  43. Session with a hypnotist, astrologer or psychic healer

  44. Interior design consultation

  45. Pedicure for two

  46. Day at the climbing gym

  47. Tickets to a sporting event

  48. Afternoon at the shooting range

  49. A tattoo

  50. No nagging for a month (or a week, if more realistic)

These are all things I would be thrilled to receive! This year, think experiences, think consumables, think services. Useful AND thoughtful. Now go out there and shop, and try not to burden the people you love with a bunch of clutter.