African-themes living room

Have the home you've always wanted

A friend of mine is planning to move to Hawaii. It’s not going to happen for a year or two, which is kind of like making a 6 year old wait for Christmas for 10 years.

Instead of cursing her Oregon house for not being on the beach in Maui, she's making it into the home of her dreams.

Because living for the future is an exercise in frustration.
Imagine this:
You're yearning to live in a cabin in the northern woods. You can't move right now, but it's all you can think about. So you start removing all the stuff you won't want in that cabin. The tiki-themed barware, the gold lamé throw pillows, the happy hippo welcome mat.
You find some plaid blankets at Goodwill and tin coffee cups at a yard sale. Maybe you hang some old skis on the wall. Pretty soon you've got that cabin furnished and decorated, right in the middle of the city. In fact, maybe you don’t even have to move, because your cabin vibe is so strong.
And you kind of like being two blocks from your favorite cheese shop.
You don’t have to wait for your situation to be different to try out other ways of living.
If you’re considering minimalism, you could pare way down, even in one room, and see if it feels perfectly tranquil or unpleasantly monastic. Who knows, maybe you find (like me) that ultra-spare rooms are lovely to look at in the pages of Dwell magazine but in reality you miss having a wild array of art on the walls.
Not to mention keeping the magazines and tv remote on the coffee table where you can find them.
If you want the intimate feeling of a stateroom on an old steamer ship you could paint your walls a deep burgundy and use lots of mirrors and gold accents. Maybe it’s romantic, maybe it’s just hella dark.

You do not have to wait until the stars align to have a super cool home!

Your house is a playground. As is your life. Stop waiting for things to be perfect (i.e. different) and just do what you want.