White envelope on blue background with a 739 notification in the upper right-hand corner

Delete, unsubscribe, repeat

How many emails are languishing in your inbox?

Quick, delete 10!

Worried that you'll lose important information? If those emails are from businesses who want your money they will DEFINITELY send you more offers, ideas, links, etc. There is absolutely no reason to hold on to that collection of magic particles. (Or whatever the internet is made of.)
As soon as you’ve deleted those 10 emails, go ahead and trash 50 more. Bet it will take less than five minutes.
While you’re at it, how about unsubscribing from 10 newsletter/ad streams you’re not enjoying? 
Your time is precious. Your attention is precious. And everyone wants a piece of it.
You REWARD the people and things that are interesting or important by giving them your time and energy. Don’t reward the hangers-on. The last-chance-to-saves. The expires-at-midnight. Or just the daily/weekly/monthly pesterers.
If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, consider that you might be giving away pieces of yourself to things you don’t really care about.
I know, clearing your inbox isn’t going to make your life suddenly calm and easy.

But it’s a step.

Intentionality. It’s a thing! Decide who and what adds value to your life and let go of the others. Chances are they'll be waiting in the wings should you change your mind.