Hey! I'm Julia...

I'm on a mission: I want everyone to pare down to the stuff that matters.

Like getting rid of things you haven't used in years, ditching the friend who always makes you feel bad about yourself, and reducing the number of obligations that are wearing you out.

Like you, I've looked around my house and wanted to walk away, lock the door, and go live in a hammock. On a beach. Under a palm tree.

I've agonized over saying no to invitations. I've signed up for things I don't really want to do because I felt like I had to. 

No more! It turns out I can do more good in the world by reducing my obligations! Who'd have guessed?

I love uncovering the way we bury our hearts and spirits so we can throw off the tyranny of expectation and live our own damned lives. Which might mean saving the world. Or listening to lots of audiobooks. Or chatting with friends. You know, living.

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Here's what I want you to know about me:

  1. I will always want to own more things than will comfortably fit in my house. But I don't.
  2. Judging people is NOT my jam. You never have to apologize for the state of your home, the size of your pants, the grubbiness of your children. 
  3. If there's no laughter involved, it's been an unsuccessful dinner party, meeting, or attempt to put on eyeliner.
  4. I have learned that cream is SO MUCH BETTER than half and half.
  5. I believe we can do hard things. I can, you can, the damned Senate could if they'd just put in a little effort.
  6. It's entirely possible that I'm no longer blonde. Hairstyles come and hairstyles go; I refuse to be limited.
  7.  I know that your physical space is often a mirror of your interior space. Let's clear the clutter out of your brain, your spirit AND your home!